Rent a Hologram for trade shows

Looking to rent a hologram for trade shows? Hologram exhibits attract attention. Holograms present your message with 3D animation. Showcase your product or sales message in a way that captures interest. Visitors to your booth can access holograms on demand. Touch screens on either side allow this. Call up holograms with the touch of a finger.

Trade Show Holograms offer a dual sided hologram projector. This unique display features dual projection systems. This allows show attendees to interact with different holograms on each side at the same time. Neither hologram interferes with the hologram viewed on the opposite side. Therefore you get twice the engagement in the same floor footprint.

Hologram Rental for Trade Shows
Machinery is showcased as a hologram at a trade show in Orlando Florida

Why Rent a Trade Show Hologram Exhibit?

Clients rent a hologram for trade shows for many reasons. Firstly, large equipment is expensive to ship to trade shows. There is no need to ship heavy equipment. A Hologram exhibit can show detailed animations of equipment in operation. 3D visuals with voice over narration become a virtual sales person. Animations are displayed in full color. The hologram display can feature up to 9 chapters. As a result each chapter can feature a product’s special features. Additionally you could choose to feature 9 separate products. Therefore each chapter could be a new product to feature.

Secondly, hologram displays are unique and attract attention to your booth. The displays use Ultra Bright Technology. This ensures a bright HD projection. Detailed 3D renderings can highlight your products smallest details. Show attendees see your product highlights in an engaging manner. Therefore booth visitors are more likely to remember your product details. Social media shares are also common. This gives your product message has an even farther reach.

The hologram display engages people. As a result some clients rent a second time. Some have rented up to 8 times.

We create your 3D content for you.

Give us a script explaining your product highlights. Provide us with any format of 3D model and or 2D videos. We’ll take it from there. We will create engaging holographic presentations that your audience will remember. Free voiceover recording is provided for your narrative. Benefits extend after the show. You can repurpose a hologram as a web video. For more detailed information just ask us via our contact page.