Hologram Projector at trade show booth.

The standard sized kiosk is our most popular rental for trade shows. The dual sided interactive display features our " Ultra Bright Technology" which allows it to operate properly in bright trade show environments and still maintain a crisp clear projection. The images are bright enough to be seen from a distance away from the booth helping to attract attention to your booth. Our display offers MUCH larger and brighter images than competing hologram displays. Our standard sized hologram projects images up to 15 inches high and 27 inches wide.


I wanted to let you know that the hologram was a big success.  The show was long and exhausting, but your device did exactly what we were looking for. It got people's attention, made them stop and watch.  I was amazed at the number of people taking pictures of it! We were very happy with the device and working with you - your follow-thru and delivery were appreciated. And that voice-over guy you use was fantastic.

David Doll - OSISOFT

The Dual sided nature of the display allows viewers on either side to view and hear separate presentations on each side at the same time without interfering with the opposing side. This allows twice the interactivity in the same floor space footprint. The Hologram Projector Kiosk projects full 1080 HD quality video, creating a 3D effect that can be seen without the need of any special 3D glasses. Viewers select the product presentation of their choice via the interactive touch screen on either side of the display.These displays are available for rental or purchase.