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Trade Show Hologram Clients

It all started with a Mouse.

It literally did. In 2005 Illusionist Timothy Drake created a 3D Holographic Dancing Mouse as part of a fundraising Halloween Attraction. The display became so popular with visitors to the attraction that Drake was inspired to expand on the special effect, and make it available as an exhibit for trade show booths. Drake developed " Ultra Bright Technology" to allow the displays to work in bright trade show environments where other competing hologram displays fail.

Trade Show Holograms offers the only dual sided holographic display on the market. The dual sided display allows viewers on either side to view and hear holographic presentations on their side of the display while viewers on the other side can view a totally separate presentation. It offers the client twice the interactivity in the same floor space footprint.

Turnkey Service since 2005 Hologram display sales and rental, 3D animation, presentation scripting, voice over recording, exterior branding, on site set up and removal, return shipping all included.

Leading Corporations have trusted Trade Show Holograms in creating a dynamic 3D Holographic experience world wide and have exhibited holographic effects at trade shows, keynote speeches, telepresence and corporate events in 17 countries.

The company prides itself in being a turnkey hologram provider for its trade show clients from start up business to fortune 500 corporations.They provide all neccessary services to make a hologram display complete including 3D animation services, presentation scripting, professional voice over recording, exterior branding graphics, on site set up at the trade show booth and shipping services to and from a show.

With over 14 years experience, Trade Show Holograms has become an industry leader in Holographic Projection for Trade Shows as well as expanding to larger keynote, telepresence, theatrical hologram projections and museum exhibits.

Trade Show Hologram Clients
Trade Show Hologram Clients