Large Hologram Projector at Trade Show

This large scale holographic projection system offers clients the ability to make an impact on their audience with holograms ranging from 6 ft high to 20 ft high. Our content creation team reviews your 2D powerpoint presentation and creates 3D holographic projections to bring your keynote speech, sales presentation, press conference or special event to life. Your 3D presentation visually floats in mid air. The audience experiences the 3D effect of the large keynote presentation without the need of any special glasses.


BRILLIANT! The most inspiring opening to any conference I have ever seen.

Barbara Corcoran

Corporations in 14 countries have trusted us to create an amazing experience for their audiences including, keynote speeches, telepresence, press releases, product demos and conference openings. We offer multiple holograpic projection systems to accomodate varying budgets.