Large Scale Hologram Projector

Floor space is limited at many trade shows so it is nice to get the opportunity to have a space large enough to display a large scale holographic projection. In late March Illusionist Timothy Drake and crew travelled to Ottawa Ontario to set up and display a very large holographic display at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

You can see the youtube video of that display below.

It all started with a mouse!

“It all started with a mouse.”…… Actually it was Walt Disney who was first credited with saying this. Years later Magician Timothy Drake¬†would make the very same claim when he developed Trade Show Holograms, a company that manufactures 3D Holographic Illusion Projections in Kiosk form for display at trade show booths across North America.

One of Timothy Drakes first Holographic Projections was a Dancing Mouse featured as a special effect at the Shriners Haunted Mansion. The popular 3D hologram effect eventually lead to a market featuring the eye catching illusion at trade shows and as part of special exhibits.